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28 Jan

Unveiling Legacy Library: A Virtual Celebration of African and African American Heritage

Legacy Builders & Empowerment Inc. is proud to present Legacy Library, a virtual celebration of African and African American genealogy and heritage. Join us in this immersive journey to rediscover the stories that define our legacies. Explore, learn, and connect with your roots as we step into a world where history meets the future.


15 Nov

Legacy Builders & Empowerment Joins Hands with Sojourner Truth African Heritage Museum for a Virtual Revolution

At Legacy Builders & Empowerment Inc., our commitment to bridging the gap between heritage and modern narratives continues to propel us forward. We’re thrilled to announce our latest partnership with the Sojourner Truth African Heritage Museum, a monumental stride in our mission to empower institutions with innovative immersive technologies.   A Shared Vision for Preservation […]