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The First Black Lives Matter Virtual Art Event in Second Life
2020 Independence Day boycott!- BLM Virtual Art Exhibit

Black Lives Matter Virtual Art Exhibit Project Overview:

The Black Lives Matter Virtual Art Exhibit was a groundbreaking project, born out of the urgent need to preserve the powerful protest art and amplify the voices of artists during a pivotal moment in history. Hosted on July 4th, 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, this exhibit aimed to boycott Independence Day and instead celebrate the resilience and creativity of the Black Lives Matter movement.


Curated to capture the spirit of the protests, this exhibit featured over 10 talented artists and was housed in a two-story shipping container. The call for artists was put out via Instagram, and the overwhelming response highlighted the community’s eagerness to participate and share their work. Initially planned as a one-day event, the exhibit drew over 2,000 guests on its first day, prompting an extension for the entire month to accommodate the high level of interest and engagement.


Each artist’s work was showcased in the virtual space and their stories and messages were further amplified through interviews on my Manifest Your Brilliance Podcast. This provided a platform for the artists to share their perspectives and experiences, ensuring their voices were heard far and wide.


Explore the Black Lives Matter Virtual Art Exhibit to witness the intersection of art and activism and see how we used innovative virtual spaces to preserve and honor this critical moment in history. Contact me to discuss how we can bring similar impactful and innovative experiences to your educational or cultural projects.

Black Lives Matter Virtual Art Exhibit Key Features:

The Black Lives Matter Virtual Art Exhibit was designed to be an immersive and engaging experience, combining powerful protest art with innovative virtual elements. Here are the key features that made this exhibit a unique and impactful event:

Two-Story Shipping Container Venue

  • Innovative Space: The exhibit was housed in a two-story shipping container, providing a unique and symbolic venue that resonated with the themes of resilience and creativity.
  • Art Display: The container was meticulously designed to showcase over 10 talented artists’ works, creating an intimate yet expansive space for visitors to explore.

Virtual World in Second Life

  • Immersive Experience: The exhibit was hosted in the virtual world of Second Life, offering an immersive experience where visitors could interact with the art and the environment.
  • Interactive Elements: Guests could explore the virtual exhibit space, engage with the art pieces, and learn about the stories behind each artwork through multimedia elements.

Food and Drinks in Virtual Reality

  • Enhanced Engagement: To add to the realism and engagement, the virtual exhibit included food and drinks, allowing visitors to experience the event as if they were attending in person.
  • Social Interaction: This feature also facilitated social interaction among guests, enhancing the communal aspect of the exhibit.

Artist Interviews and Podcast Features

  • Amplifying Voices: Each artist featured in the exhibit was interviewed on the Manifest Your Brilliance Podcast, providing them with a platform to share their stories and insights.
  • In-depth Conversations: These interviews offered deeper understanding and context to the artworks, enriching the overall experience for visitors.

Community and Activism Focus

  • Preserving Protest Art: The exhibit aimed to preserve the art created during the Black Lives Matter protests, ensuring that these powerful expressions were documented and celebrated.
  • Supporting Artists: By providing a platform for the artists, the exhibit supported their work and amplified their messages during a critical time.
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Release Date:  July 4, 2020

Feedback &  Insights

Overwhelming Response and Extended Duration

  • High Attendance: The exhibit attracted over 2,000 guests on its first day, far exceeding expectations and demonstrating the community’s strong interest.
  • Extended Run: Due to the high level of engagement, the exhibit was extended for the entire month of July, allowing more visitors to experience the powerful artworks.

Tools and Technologies

The Black Lives Matter Virtual Art Exhibit was a technologically innovative project that combined various tools and platforms to create a unique and immersive experience. Here are the key tools and technologies used:

Art Submission

  • Email: Artists submitted their artwork via email, allowing for easy collection and organization of the pieces to be featured in the exhibit.

Podcast Production

  • Anchor.fm: The Manifest Your Brilliance Podcast, where each artist was interviewed, was produced using Anchor.fm. This platform facilitated the recording, editing, and distribution of the podcast episodes, making it accessible to a broad audience.

Virtual Event Hosting

  • Second Life Virtual World: The exhibit was hosted in the virtual world of Second Life by Linden Labs. This platform provided a rich and immersive environment where visitors could explore the art in a realistic and interactive setting.

Virtual Venue and Decor

  • Second Life Shop: Decor and materials for the exhibit space, including the two-story shipping container and other virtual assets, were purchased from the Second Life Shop. This ensured that the virtual venue was both visually appealing and functionally suited to host the event.

Virtual Reality Elements

  • Food and Drinks: To enhance the realism and engagement of the virtual exhibit, virtual food and drinks were included, allowing visitors to experience the event as if they were attending in person.

By leveraging these tools and technologies, we were able to create a virtual art exhibit that was not only visually stunning but also deeply engaging and meaningful. This approach ensured that the powerful messages and artistic expressions of the Black Lives Matter movement were effectively preserved and shared with a wide audience.

All information and content on this portfolio and case study are my intellectual property and may not be used, reproduced, or distributed without my explicit written permission.

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